Videos Illustrating Key Art Terms

Learn the language of art and art history with free educational videos illustrating key concepts through exemplary works of South Asian modern and contemporary art.


Explore architecture, the art and science that prioritises the design of buildings, bridges, and other large structures.


Explore the medium and technique of drawing.

Feminist & Queer Art

Explore queer and feminist approaches to art.


Explore Figuration as it stretches across the entire history of South Asian art.


Explore abstract art, and trace its history in India with extraordinary examples in various mediums.

Performance Art

Performance art constitutes works that are created by an artist’s actions or directions.


Installation artworks comprise environments that the viewer often walks through or interacts with to experience fully.


Sculpture is three dimensional art, encompassing standalone objects and works “in relief” on other surfaces.

Artist Collectives / Collaboration

Explore the history and present of artistic collaboration in India.

Still Life & Genre Painting

Explore the terms Still Life & Genre Painting through historical and modern examples.


Learn the history of photography through key works, with examples of how this medium is expressed today.

Narrative Art

The tales illustrated by narrative artworks are often familiar to their audiences, from grand battles to gestures of lov Read More


Landscape is the representation of natural, urban, or industrial environments that may include the human figure.

Unique Works vs Editions

Explore the distinction between unique works, such as paintings on canvas, and editions, including reproducible prints.


Explore several key printmaking techniques along with the early history of printmaking in India.


Follow the history of portraiture in India with key examples of the genre from ancient times to the present.


Explore painting, the medium most commonly associated with the fine art field.


Explore the term 'Ornament' in relation to the history of architecture and fine arts in India.

Gender & Body in Indian art

This video surveys the body in Indian art from ancient times through the mid 20th century, looking at sensuous and adorn Read More

Printmaking II

Explore the rich range of experimental and innovative practices in printmaking in India from post-independence until tod Read More