Every fortnight, Terrain.art presents an exhibition of our represented artists. The exhibitions engage the audiences through extensive programming, interactive display, and other dynamic features.

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an entangled loneliness Harnoor Juneja
XXL Collective x Terrain.art
It all leads to the same place Ashima Raizada
memorising pf-nh
Sailing a Restless Sea Kodanda Rao Teppala
Fifth Density Starinfinity
Gestures of Belonging Dhanashri Sujit Deshmukh
Enamel Industria Pankaj R. Vishwakarma
Rituals of Time Arinjoy Sen
Instincts of Resistance Puja Mondal
Every Scar Has a Story Sukanya Garg
Letters to My Mother Al-Qawi Nanavati