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By multiple artists | Apr 12 2023 · 10 min. read

only drawing will remain presents deliberations on an expanded notion of drawing, where it might be seen as the core that forms the underpinnings of the development of a work in any medium. "to draw" also refers to the pulling from a source, and hence the primary nature of this process, whence the form/inspiration/knowledge/wisdom emerges - Srinivas Mangipudi 

Catch the artists who participated in only drawing will remain talking about what drawing means to their practice, and their ideas.

Fibonacci Form (4), 2023

Fibonacci Form (1), 2023

Calculated forms inside a finite space 

"Drawings reveal the process of their own making, their own looking, more clearly. Drawing as a studio act happens over the finite rectangular boundary of the canvas or the paper. The rectangular space acts as a pre-determining factor to the geometry involved in the process of making it and also the geometry that is represented through the drawing.  The rectangular space in itself is a mathematical notion that could be defined as a quadrilateral with four right angles. Within this mathematically determined space another mathematical notion of the Fibonacci spiral is introduced and forms are constructed out of it. These drawings are a push and pull (literally and also in a Hans Hoffman sense) negotiation happening between one mathematical notion and the other." - Arvind Sundar 
"I consider drawing both as an informant and an inherent part of my practice. My drawings clearly record my subconscious thoughts into conscious ideas which are both wavey and sometimes concrete. The continuous act of drawing helps me create an endless and spontaneous visual vocabulary which becomes the core, triggering more informed works of art. I consider drawing a mark making process that helps me navigate my own imagination.  

Simultaneously, the carvings I do on my wood and lino blocks are also a continuous process of mark making that defines my forms and motifs. I keep the forms monochromatic to emphasise on the lines and textures I draw through the carvings. 

The work presented here is my endless reservoir of drawings transitioning one after another, segregated according to certain criteria of form, texture and inspirations to create my own imaginative visual vocabulary. " - Avni Bansal

Street Poster, 2021

Woman on the Wall, 2021

"Drawing plays a dual role in my practice—one as a tool for thinking, and the other for expressing. Drawing is a language of its own and it allows for that continuous drift between thinking and expressing that eventually captures my intuitions, my thoughts and my actions. I attempt to lay an emphasis on line quality and play plenty with it to use lines as metaphorical visual objects embedded with expressions or emotions. 

The works included here are memories that are re-lived through drawing. Some of these are assisted by images and some purely out of memory. But from the moment the pastel touches the paper to create a dot, to the moment that it has finished its walk on paper, the line embodies the memories and emotions—re-lived with the maturity of today, creating an additional layer over the past." - Harsimran Juneja
"I find drawings to be the most important medium through which I can communicate my thoughts and expressions. It is an integral part of my practice and a very fluid medium. 

I have been working on this body of work for a year, as I am moving towards a larger aspect of life—beyond personal history, where I am trying more to say about the present situation of the space we reside in; this present which is becoming the future memory for us. I create a tension of space and motion through the force of the lines that I draw. My drawings are the distorted presentation of realistic incidents and the visuals that impact my thought. I always question myself through the distorted forms of my drawings. " - Jayeti Bhattacharya

The wind, 2021

In Between, 2023

"Drawing is part of my daily routine. I used to go outdoors for 6-8 hours to draw. It is from that I am developing my studio practice and other works. I am pushing my boundaries through my drawings. I went out one day, during heavy rains, to do drawings of rain and flow of air, to feel “the pure abstraction" or the pure truth of nature. I am very much attracted by Chinese and Japanese drawings, the sense of black and white space on the page, and in mind. So from that I develop my drawing sense. 

To me, drawing is that art work which is able to convey the maximum feel and quality of a situation or emotion of an artist even though it may not have the complete quality of a painting or sculpture. That's why one drawing has endless possibilities." - Suman Chandra
"These are a series of images, where taking a prompt from Berger's essay, I tried to capture through photography different drawings from a single painting. Some of these drawings no longer exist. Although they were fundamental to continue the process. They belong to a specific time.  

How many drawings a painting has lived." - Enit Maria

Untitled, 2021

Untitled, 2021

"Drawing is the master key to open up a world of endless possibilities. To me it is a second language. Drawing helps me think creatively, conceptualise ideas, experiment with mediums and express my emotions. One should draw at least one drawing daily. The moment you are ready to create something fresh, you will be ready with your own bank of images to fall back on." - Santosh Jain

I can buy everything, 2022

manythings, 2022

"Drawing plays an important role in my practice. There are some artists who can paint directly on canvas but for me, I must shape and define my thoughts in drawing first to create a concept on which my painting will be based on. When I start painting, the created concept remains the same as my drawing most of the time." - Bhartti Verma

Microbe 12, 2021

Microbe 15, 2021

"'Go out to nature and sketch.' This was the first instruction I got from my teacher A.Ramachandran…I am astonished by the fact that this single principle of learning art took such a long time to open up the complex labyrinth of creativity. For the first 2 years under him, I was not allowed to do anything but only sketch with pencils.  

When I see something beautiful in nature like small organic objects or moth-eaten roots of some plant, I used to collect and bring it into my studio. I observed the dark interior of these organic objects, the dead veins of roots which were somehow still 'alive' and had their own hidden universe inside them. This admiration for the hidden beauty which was unreachable from the outer visual perception always created an oscillation in my mind between the real and unreal. I started observing these tiny, small objects under the microscope and discovered a grand microcosm inside it. This practice became an internal part of my learning and provides clues to a variety of my expressions in different forms. Drawing became an exclusive art, a more complete form of expression just like painting and sculpture. This led me to the abstract and spiritual aspects of my daily routine. I could see the world as obvious yet in the most abstract way which only an internal vision can express.”  - D Priyanka

Jaali, 2023

Togetherness, 2023

"Being a visual thinker, drawing is my primary medium to transform the signifier into a signified form, upon which my entire visual narrative and representation is structured. My art practice intends to express an imperative critical view to socio-political phenomenon in contemporary time by underpinning the historical narratives in a wider perspective. Therefore, I reinvigorate and re-think the realm of image-making. Observational study is a key process of my practice. What I see, what I feel and what I perceive, those I transform into a language of my paintings through drawing. Drawing gives a transparent view to the imagery within collective consciousness. In these works, the drawing intends a repetition of the shapes and lines as well as creates a layer in Islamic architectural structure and pattern." - Nur Mahammad

Shroud of Sparrow, 2023

"Since childhood, drawing for me has been the simplest and most direct way of expression. It comes naturally to me when I feel something strongly—be it the feeling of happiness, anger, joy, silence, contentment, loneliness, pain. I always have an immediate urge to express it. I usually carry a small sketchbook with me, where I can instantly doodle my ideas. Everything begins from here!  

Drawing continues to provide an immediate form of expression. It is ideally suited to modern life such as being on the go and allows a greater independence from conventional studio spaces. I think a drawing in whatever shape or form should retain something of the eye, mind and hands of its maker. As with all good art, a drawing must be authentic." - Shivangi Ladha
"The etymological origins of the word ‘drawing’ refers to the setting in motion through the act of pulling. I like to describe my artistic practice as one of drawing. This is because the term beautifully encapsulates on the one hand, the act of projecting ideas and lines onto a medium or an ideological plane causing a suspension of time. On the other hand, it captures the pulling together of histories, narratives, cultures, identities and methodologies. My practice is set in motion not only through the drawing of lines, but also through the" act of drawing these multiple threads that inform my work. 

In the words of Jorge Luis Borges, 

A man sets himself the task of portraying the world. Over the years he fills a given surface with images of provinces and kings, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fish, rooms, instruments, heavenly bodies, horses, and people. Shortly before he dies he discovers that this patient labyrinth of lines is a drawing of his own face.” - Arinjoy Sen

Believe Me They Are Not What You Think - I, 2020

Believe Me They Are Not What You Think - III, 2020

"I believe drawing is like seeing! The more you consciously start looking, the unknown starts unfolding. Drawing enables me to look beyond its visual periphery. Drawing is a conversation between strangers—each word or scratch unfolds the act of knowing." - Urna Sinha

Crammed Between the Cracks IV, 2019

"The Berger text was a great way of thinking of the process of drawing and how it requires one to slow down and take in the moment. I related to it quite a bit as I have thought of my weaving practice in a similar way.  

Weaving is inherently a very slow process and in weaving, I have found myself slowing down, taking the time to experience the material and understand the cloth that is being constructed line by line." - Sabiha Dohadwala

Thick skin, drawings, 2023

"This set of drawings are preparatory ones about our obsession with the human body and the excess that accumulates in the body by choice or habit. The drawings show the fat that clings to the organs and parts under the skin. They grow in the belly, arms, buttocks, and thighs, and are often exposed in the visuals concerning health and hygiene. My work deals particularly with our notions of obesity as being distasteful. I have tried to let go of the vulgar and re-imagine the accumulation." - Nabanita Guha

Boar 2, 2021

Boar 3, 2021

"Drawing is the main medium in my practice. I feel the process of drawing is a kind of conversation for me with paper. It also allows me to replace my textual understanding with visual language. " - Muskaan Singh
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