#InConversation with D. Priyanka

By Sanjana Srinivasan | Jun 22 2023 · 4 min. read

D. Priyanka Bajaj is an Indian artist and philosopher. She is trained under A. Ramachandran, who moulded her philosophical thoughts into artistic expression. Through her practice, Priyanka ponders the limits of human knowledge of consciousness and experience. Her observations are expressed in the form of paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and poetry. Here, Priyanka speaks to Sanjana about her ideas.

Flower of Consciousness, 2022

How to tell if I am sleep or awake III, 2022

During a scientific excavation, a manuscript was unearthed, revealing a time portal and unveiling a civilization that existed 450 million light-years away. This civilization possesses profound cosmic knowledge, capable of surpassing the limitations of human civilization. Gradually, scientific advancements are aligning with the knowledge within the manuscript, validating its authenticity. Each discovery uncovers new chapters and insights, affirming the truth of this ancient text.
My background, deeply rooted in Vedic scriptures and the lineage of ancient sages, has shaped my journey. The records kept by the pandas in Haridwar, known as the Red Book, connect me directly to this lineage. These influences have guided my artistic expression and allowed me to blend philosophy and pure science. Drawing from my father's study of gems and the practical aspects of Earth's composition, I found art to be the perfect medium to convey my ideas. 

In my art, I express scientifically proven concepts that seem too extraordinary to be true. I imagine a parallel universe called Lainika, inhabited by a Type 4 civilization with heightened consciousness surpassing that of humans. According to science, civilizations are categorized into five levels based on their consciousness and ability to harness energy. While humans are at level one, a Type 4 civilization can manipulate energies within their planetary system, travel through time, and communicate telepathically. This scientific understanding aligns with ancient Eastern philosophy. The convergence between Western scientific knowledge and my Eastern background inspires my artistic exploration.

Seed of consciousness, 2022

Worlds we know, worlds we don't know I, 2022

The aim of presenting my work, the "Book of Lainika,” in the form of a manuscript is to evoke a sense of profound philosophy and higher consciousness. I have created a new language too using symbolic Vedic mantras and scientific equations, to convey the blend of ancient and modern concepts. The mantras that I use as visual symbols are supported by scientific equations put forth by renowned scientists like Michio Kaku, Brian Green, and Sir Roger Penrose, who endorse the cyclical nature of the universe and support ancient philosophical ideas of birth, rebirth, and multiple universes.

Golden bloodline IV, 2022

When I refer to a "golden bloodline," I draw upon scientific findings. Recently, two stars collided, producing an immense amount of gold, equivalent to the mass of three Earths. If such a powerful civilization exists, their DNA structure and blood would likely incorporate these precious metals, granting them superior qualities. Just as consuming more iron enhances strength, a higher presence of gold in their blood would manifest physically. From a philosophical standpoint, gold is revered and associated with auspiciousness in Indian culture. 

Through symbolic representations like this which are deeply ingrained in Indian culture, I aim to subtly evoke profound philosophies. By utilizing familiar symbols like Vishnu as a fish avatar or associating lotus with Lakshmi, I tap into the subconscious minds of individuals. Our minds are naturally wired to make connections, such as envisioning an apple when it is mentioned. By presenting visual paintings that trigger these associations, I create a space for contemplation and evoke feelings of serenity, purity, prosperity, and fulfillment. It is through these visuals that I seek to touch upon the deepest desires and yearnings of individuals, offering a glimpse of inner peace amidst the chaotic pursuit of worldly endeavors.
The idea is to transport viewers to a civilization which is an idealistic utopian world where everyone possesses immense power, harmony prevails, and there are no conflicts or desires. By being fulfilled and free from negative limitations, individuals experience a complete state of being. They never quarrel, feel jealousy, or encounter sadness. Perfect health and a life free from adversity become the norm, creating a flawless existence. 

- As told to Sanjana Srinivasan 

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